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CBP Presents:
The New CTPAT, A Six-Part Webinar Series

This six-part webinar series brings together CBP's Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) experts in their field from around the country--from Newark to Houston, Buffalo to Miami, and Washington, D.C. Join us for one or all six webinars, which occur twice weekly. Manny Garza, Jr., Director of the CTPAT program, will kick off the webinar series with a brief introduction on April 6th.

Each webinar will be worth 1 CCS/CES credit through NCBFFA.

This event is SOLD OUT CTPAT Cybersecurity: Tuesday, April 6  | 2 P.M. ET | 1 hour
Presented by: SCSS Bryan Smith, Newark CTPAT Office

In this first segment, Mr. Smith will identify key areas of the new cyber MSC that are critical for maintaining a secure network. However, it is also an area where weaknesses are still being observed in CTPAT validations and have led to many of the most recent breaches reported over the past three years.


CTPAT & the Southern Border: Thursday, April 8* | 2 P.M. ET | 1 hour *schedule change from April 20
Presented by: Houston CTPAT Field Office SCSS Richard Villarreal

Join us for a look at how CTPAT is different on the Southern Border, including unified cargo processing, FAST, COVID cargo processing, and what's unique with rail and land cargo environments. The event will also cover CTPAT processing/benefits, AEO Mexico, and ACE requirements and processing.

Trade Compliance & Labor: Tuesday, April 13 | 2 P.M. ET | 1 hourCTPAT5
Presented by: CTPAT HQ Program Managers, Carmen Perez & Erika Schultz

CTPAT Trade Compliance will cover new applications, the requirements, and how to apply. This segment will also delve into the latest changes, a new handbook, and updates to forced labor requirements.

CTPAT in the Maritime Environment: Thursday, April 15 | 2 P.M. ET | 1 hour
Presented by: Miami CTPAT Field Office Director, Peter Touhy & Miami CTPAT Field Office SSCSS Raymond Monzon

Take a look at the role CTPAT plays in the maritime industry, including the program’s new initiatives and strategic approach to collaborating with this unique sector in an effort to identify and address new and emerging threats and further strengthen the international supply chain.  The presentation will also define and elaborate on the AQUA Lane benefit, its requirements, its significant impact, and the program’s plans for it moving forward.   

Virtual Validation Process: Tuesday, April 20* | 2 P.M. ET | 1 hour *schedule change from April 8
Presented by: Buffalo CTPAT Field Office Director, Mark Isaacson & Miami CTPAT Field Office Director, Peter Touhy

This segment provides a brief overview of the newly established Virtual Validation Process, including its overall methodology, partner preparation, and expectations. We will also cover CTPAT future expectations and the current situations affecting validations resulting from COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Northern Border Seizures & FAST Lane: Thursday, April 22 | 2 P.M. ET | 1 hour
Presented by: Buffalo CTPAT Field Office Director, Mark Isaacson

Mr. Isaacson discusses the current large-scale marijuana seizures transpiring along the US/Canada border and how highway carriers can better prepare themselves from being victimized by adopting and adhering to the current CTPAT minimum security criteria (MSC).  Additionally, there will be a brief presentation on FAST Lane usage and how it pertains to the current CTPAT MSC.

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Meet the Speakers

Manuel Garza, Jr., Director of the CTPAT Program | CBP

Since 2018, Manuel Garza has been the Director of the CTPAT program. In this role, Manuel directs a team of 180 employees at six field offices that conduct supply chain validations throughout the globe. He is responsible for managing over 11,500 CTPAT participants, including 320 Trade Compliance members and 378 Tier 3 members. He is also responsible for the enforcement activities of CTPAT members, including suspension, removal, or conditional reinstatement.

Mr. Garza has held positions of increasing responsibility during his 18-year tenure with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), including Team Lead for the new Container Security Initiative (CSI) port of Caucedo, Dominican Republic; Supply Chain Security Specialist for the CTPAT Office, and Supervisory Supply Chain Security Specialist for the CTPAT Headquarters Office. In 2015, he became the Branch Chief of the CTPAT Plans and Operations Branch before moving to the role of Acting Director for the Manifest & Conveyance Security Division. 

Mark Isaacson, Buffalo CTPAT Field Office Director | CBP

Mark Isaacson has been employed with the U.S. Customs Services/U.S. Customs and Border Protection for over 25 years. During his tenure, Mr. Isaacson has served in many roles, including Inspector/Officer at the Port of JFK International Airport, primarily with the Passenger Enforcement Rover Team/Narcotics Interdiction unit from 1998-2003. In this role, he was awarded a Unit Citation Award from the Commissioner of the U.S. Customs Service. Mr. Isaacson also volunteered his time to participate in the recovery efforts in the immediate aftermath of the  World Trade Center attack on 9/1. He was honored along with others who responded in a pre-opening event of the 9/11 memorial, hosted by then-Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani and NY State Governor George Pataki.

Mr. Isaacson also served as a Senior Officer at the Pre-Clearance Port of Montreal, Canada, from 2003-2005, where he was then promoted to Supply Chain Specialist for the CTPAT program at JFK International Airport. In 2008, Mr. Isaacson was transferred to the newly established CTPAT Field Office in Buffalo, NY, and was promoted to Supervisor in 2009. In 2015, he was named Acting Director of the Buffalo, NY, CTPAT Field Office, and then Director in 2018, a position which he still holds today. Aside from his Director duties, Mr. Isaacson is also the CBP project lead on Mutual Recognition efforts with the countries of Canada and India, which includes continuous and ongoing negotiations and drafting of agreements acknowledging both countries trusted trader program’s requirements and reciprocal partner benefits to further enhance supply chain security within a bilateral framework. Mr. Isaacson is a three-time recipient of the Certificate of Merit from the Commissioner of CBP on behalf of the World Customs Organization in Brussels, Belgium, for his accomplishments. Mr. Isaacson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Economics.     

Peter Touhy, Miami CTPAT Field Office Director | CBP

Promoted to the Director of the Miami CTPAT Field Office position in 2018, Mr. Touhy oversees the largest of the CTPAT offices. He assumes responsibility for the daily activities and worldwide deployment of 26 Supply Chain Security Specialists, whose primary goal is the security and facilitation of legitimate cargo into the United States. Mr. Touhy previously served as a Supply Chain Security Specialist from 2005 until 2018 and has conducted or participated in over 700 security site visits in over 60 countries. Director Touhy and the Miami CTPAT Field Office were recently recognized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) on International Customs Day for their significant contribution to CBP’s efforts to strengthen the international supply chain.  

From 2002 to 2005, Mr. Touhy was stationed in Montreal, Canada, where he worked as a Customs and Border Protection Officer and member of the Passenger Analytical Unit (PAU) as well as the Counter-Terrorism Response Team (CTRT), which specialized in the focused screening of passengers entering the United States from Canada. While stationed in Canada, Mr. Touhy was recognized for his enforcement actions, penalty assessments, and for his collaborative efforts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the National Targeting Center (NTC), the Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and the Montreal Police Department (MUC) to further CBP’s goals and foreign initiatives.

From 1999 to 2002, Mr. Touhy worked as a member of the Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) and Anti-Smuggling Unit (ASU) at Port Everglades, Florida. This team was responsible for the detection and interdiction of narcotics, weapons, and various contraband concealed within containerized cargo and maritime vessels. During his time as part of the CET Team, Mr. Touhy was recognized with a superior achievement award for his significant contribution to the CET Team. He was awarded with a letter of commendation by the Resident Special Agent in Charge (RAC) and the United States Attorney (USA) for his role in testifying and convicting multiple narcotics traffickers.

Raymond Monzon, Miami Field Office Supervisory SCSS | CBP

Raymond (Ray) Monzon is considered a subject matter expert on conducting security inspections of ocean containers (seven point) and detecting if ocean container seals have been tampered with/cloned (VVTT). He has conducted over 500 CTPAT supply chain security assessments in approximately 45 countries and is currently a Supervisor at the Miami CTPAT Field Office. Further, Mr. Monzon has provided technical assistance and training to foreign Customs administrations in the development and implementation of their Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs and was on the World Customs Organization (WCO) working group that developed and published the AEO Validators Guide. In 2016 and 2018, Mr. Monzon was recognized by the WCO on International Customs Day with Certificates of Merit for his ongoing international engagements related to CTPAT and his continued efforts to strengthen international supply chains.

Mr. Monzon began his government career with the U.S. Customs Service in 1996, processing travelers at Miami International Airport. In 1998, he joined the Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) at the Port of Miami and eventually became a lead instructor at the U.S. Customs National CET School. In November 2003, Mr. Monzon became one of the first 20 Supply Chain Security Specialists (SCSS) assigned to CBP’s Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) program. He has a BA in Communications from Wilkes University and an MA in Homeland Security from American Military University.

Bryan Smith, Newark CTPAT Field Office SCSS | CBP

Bryan Smith has more than 20 years of tenure with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (formerly U.S. Customs). Currently, he is an SCSS and has been assigned to the CTPAT Newark Field Office since 2006. Prior to joining CTPAT, Bryan was assigned to the Contraband Enforcement Team as a supervisor and was a member of the training team.


Over the past several years, SCSS Smith has been focused on cybersecurity and how it relates to CTPAT and supply chain security. Bryan has delivered presentations internally to SCSS staff, trade groups, and CTPAT members through MSC workshops. 



Ricardo Villarreal, SCSS Houston CTPAT Office | CBP

Ricardo Villarreal is a native of South Texas and was raised next to the Rio Grande River that separates Mexico from the United States. He grew up in an environment of drug enforcement; his father was a Special Agent with DEA in Starr County, one of the most active drug corridors on the Southern Border.

Ricardo joined CBP in 1997 and was assigned to the Port of Brownsville, Texas. He has 20 years of in-depth experience in the sea, rail, air, and land enforcement environments. Ricardo was a Supervisor that served on several tactical teams to include the Outbound Team that specialized in targeting and intercepting weapons, currency, stolen vehicles, fugitives, and export violations.

Ricardo is currently a Supply Chain Security Specialist assigned to the Houston CTPAT office. The position has provided opportunities to evaluate and strengthen international supply chains globally. In this role, Ricardo manages over 130 CTPAT certified/validated companies domestically and internationally. He is currently conducting virtual validations, ensuring the trade has a clear understanding of the new minimum security criteria associated with their business model.

Carmen Perez, CTPAT HQ Program Manager | CBP

Ms. Perez started her career with Customs and Border Protection in 2007. Currently, she serves in the role of Branch Chief, Trade Compliance with the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) division in the Office of Field Operations (OFO). As Branch Chief, she is lead in the development and transition of the ISA program (Importer Self-Assessment) into CTPAT Trade Compliance and the development of standards and requirements for social compliance in regards to forced labor into the CTPAT program.

During her time at CBP, she has held several positions in several offices, such as the Office of the Commissioner, where she served as a Special Advisor to the Commissioner as well as a trade consular. Prior to serving as the Program Manager for Outreach in the Office of Trade Relations, her primary focus was to serve as the liaison between industry and the Office of the Commissioner and other interagency offices. In 2014, Ms. Perez did an eleven-month detail to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as the Special Advisor to the Director, where she assisted in the response to the unaccompanied minor (UAC) crisis and the developmental plans for women and children centers.

Erika Schultz, CTPAT HQ Program Manager | CBP

Erika M Schultz is a Program Manager in the Trade Compliance Branch assigned to the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Headquarters Office in Washington, DC. She has helped in the development of the transition of the Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) Program into the CTPAT Trade Compliance Program. She continues to work with the CTPAT Trade Compliance members to continue enhancing the program in creating new benefits and successfully launching the Trade Compliance Portal.

Ms. Schultz began her career with Customs and Border Protection in 2008 as an Agricultural Specialist at the San Luis Port of Entry in San Luis, AZ. She has extensive experience working in passenger operations and trade operations. Before joining CTPAT, Ms. Schultz served as Program Manager at the Office of Operation’s (OFO) National Targeting Center (NTC), where she supported CBP’s field offices and ports. Ms. Schultz holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University – College Station, TX.

Kim Caywood-Pierce, Senior Trade Advisor | A.N. Deringer, Inc.

An accomplished international trade professional, Kim Cay­wood-Pierce has been a member of the Deringer Team for over 25 years. Kim joined Deringer in 1993 after obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Business & Economics at SUNY Plattsburgh. In 2002, she acquired her U.S. Customs Broker License from the Department of the Treasury U.S. Customs Service Washington. As a member of the Deringer Trade Advisory Group since 2006, Kim works with clients on an international level to analyze products, policies, and procedures to ensure they satisfy the ever-changing import requirements that are enforced by CBP. Kim’s areas of expertise include CTPAT, tariff classification under the har­monized tariff schedule of the United States (HTSUS), NAFTA, protests, and prior disclosures.

Tammy Flanders Hetrick, Senior Trade Advisor | A.N. Deringer, Inc.

Tammy Flanders Hetrick is a Licensed Customs Broker with 30 years of International Trade and logistics experience. She started her logistics career at CBP, where she worked in the Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures division in Vermont. During which time, she performed various assignments in Washing­ton, DC, and on the southern border. She later moved to the private sector to establish best-in-class compliance pro­grams for the largest snowboard company in the world and for an innovative coffee and appliance company. In addition to U.S. compliance, she has set up compliance programs in Canada, Europe, and Japan. She is a known entity in the compliance field, speaking at conferences across the U.S., in Brussels, and annually at MIT/Boston. She has shepherded companies through ISA and CTPAT certifications/validations, CBSA audits, European Customs audits, and Japanese Customs audits.

Amy Lauziere, Trade Advisor | A.N. Deringer, Inc.

A Licensed Customs Broker and Certified Customs Specialist, Amy brings nearly 10 years of U.S. import experience to Deringer’s Trade Advisory Group. Beginning her import career at Deringer in 2010 at the Highgate, VT, office as an Import Specialist, Amy has also held a position in the Transportation Department. Amy has been a key contact for multiple companies providing expertise in tariff classification, antidumping and countervailing, partner government agencies, import and ACE message set requirements, and entry auditing. Amy also worked in the private sector as an Import Compliance Specialist for a leading glove manufacturing company developing internal trade compliance processes, broker entry auditing, and a classification database. As a member of the Trade Advisory Group, Amy has a dedication to import compliance and works to assist importers in navigating U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s regulations and import requirements.


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