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supply chain knowlege

International Freight Forwarding

A comprehensive guide on how U.S. & Canadian importers can find a better freight solution, readable in your browser.

Freight Forwarding 101: The Basics 

Learn the essential components of building a seamless freight forwarding process. 

International Freight Forwarding RFP Guide

The RFP Guide will assist you in asking the right questions, comparing forwarders, and finding the right partner.

Freight Forwarding SOP Checklist

Save time planning your SOP document to set the proper expectations with your freight forwarding partner.

IFF Quote Comparison Template

Weigh the strengths of freight forwarders, and find the right fit.

Supply Chain Dive: Merging Customs and Freight

Discover the benefits of streamlining your operations by utilizing a single company for Customs brokerage and freight forwarding, instead of dealing with multiple entities.

U.S. Customs Brokerage RFP Development Guide

Discover how to issue an RFP, evaluate Customs brokers, and choose the best option for importing and exporting needs.

USDA's Organic Certification Program Fact Sheet

Remain compliant by learning about mandatory reporting under the USDA's National Organic Certification Program.

Duty Drawback Guide

Learn how Duty Drawback allows for a monetary rebate of certain duties on goods imported into the United States through U.S. Customs

FSVP Regulations Whitepaper

Learn the requirements of FSVP and FSMA, and how to put a plan in place.


APHIS Core Resources

Familiarize yourself with APHIS Core regulations and tools with this guide.

APHIS Regulations When Importing Farm Equipment

Simplify the APHIS regulations when importing farm equipment into the United States.

Tariffs & Tea Leaves: A Survivor's Guide

Six scenario-driven strategies to help mitigate financial impacts posed by tariffs.

U.S Goods Returned Policy Overview Video

Understand what constitutes 9801- US Goods Returned, and review Deringer’s policy regarding these entries.

Trade Compliance Enforcement Video

Director of Customs Affairs & Compliance, Amy Magnus, discusses trade compliance enforcement concerns. 

Three Reasons for Import Compliance Video

Tammy Hetrick reviews the five steps to creating a quality Customs compliance program.

What Is the FCA Explainer Video

Director of Customs Affairs and Compliance, Amy Magnus, breaks down the False Claims Act.

Duty Drawback Calculator

Use this calculator to evaluate potential duty drawback refunds. 

Five Dangers Lurking Within Your Supply Chains

Discover the common supply chain hidden dangers that could be eating into your bottom line.

Freight Density Calculator

Determining the density of your freight shipment to determine your freight class and shipping costs.

Tactics for Cargo Transportation Savings Fact Sheet

We created a list of five overlooked tactics that can help you save on cargo transportation costs.

Customs Brokerage Diminimis Fact Sheet

What is the de minimis threshold for Customs? If you aren't sure, this brief fact sheet can help you.

Foreign Trade Zone Fact Sheet

Learn more about Foreign Trade Zones and how they can benefit your supply chain operations.

AD-CVD Guideance Sheet

Importers must ensure their imported merchandise is compliant with antidumping and countervailing duties. Learn more with our guide.

ACH Payments Guide

Learn more about the Customs Automated Clearinghouse (ACH), an electronic payment solution for paying Customs' fees, duties, and taxes directly and efficiently.

Importance of Cargo Insurance Guide

Do you need cargo insurance? This guide answers all the questions you need to know about protecting your imports and exports.

Incoterms Reference Chart

Leverage our easy-to-use incoterms reference chart to easily understand the different rules used for importing/exporting

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When you select Deringer as your supply chain partner, you can trust that your business is in the hands of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals, who have a strong commitment to carrying on the company's legacy of exceptional customer service. Our caring people work with you to develop tailored solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce overall supply chain costs, and manage the risks associated with global trade.

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